Despite the gloom that Ghana has experienced for some time now, there are still angels out here, making their light shine brightly on others. She isn’t even 30 or one of the richest youths in Ghana. She didn’t wait to be funded by an NGO. Great things can indeed, be born out of a willing and passionate heart.

What tickles me about her is the fact that she decided to impact on the well-being on others in the area of health and education from her own little government salary! It takes such a caring and patriotic heart to add such huge expenditure to her budget in the face of her pressing family and personal needs.

I believe there are also young people out there with big initiatives sitting in their minds due to one setback or the other. Learn from Sara’s story and take action!


Mabel:  Who is Sara Nana Yeboah?

Sara: Sara Nana Yeboah is a 28-year-old entrepreneur with a very active life. I am passionate about preventive health care, girls, and youth empowerment.  Featured in the Daily Express Newspaper and Konnect Africa online magazine as Africa’s Florence Nightingale, named by Venture Africa as one of the Top 12 young Leaders of Africa, named as Opportunity Desk’s Young Person of the Month of April, Cecilson’s Female Entrepreneur of the Month of November.

I have been interviewed on;

  • The KSM Show as an outstanding young woman shaping Africa on Metro TV
  • The Hanging Out with KOD show on Gh One TV
  • Citi Fm’s Breakfast Show as an Outstanding Young Achiever
  • Youth Focus – GTV as Outstanding Young Achiever
  • etc.

I was a finalist of the Viasat 1 Game Changers Challenge and also, I am a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum (Accra Hub).

As a Public speaker, I have shared platforms with the very best including Mrs. Joyce Aryee, H.E President Rawlings among others on different engagements to inspire younger generations to make the continent better than they met it. I’m also a health consultant for most TV and Radio programs in Ghana.

Mabel: What schools did you attend?

Sara:  St Mary’s Preparatory Schools for primary,  Good Foundation Junior Secondary School for Junior high, Sunyani Secondary School for my secondary education and  Nurses Training College, Sunyani.

Mabel: What were your childhood passions?

Sara: Growing up, I loved to write, sing and read. Other days I would love to sit with my mother or father and talk for hours.

Mabel: Are there any great memories from those days you would like to share?

Sara: When I was given the platform to sing at age 6.

Sangy foundation

sara work

Mabel: Tell me about your journey. Why did you start it?

Sara: I grew up with a family who believed in giving. My parents: who are both Reverend ministers with Assemblies of God taught me the most religious thing to do according to the bible was to care for the needy, orphaned and widowed.

Mabel: How did it get started?

Sara: So The Sangy Foundation was born out of the need to provide quality education and health to the poor and the marginalized. So whiles embarking on one of our community tours we realized that there were more schools to be renovated, more children to be signed on to the National Health Insurance Scheme, more teenage girls to be educated on health etc. We listened to the voice of God and now the rest is history.

Mabel: How did you fund your early initiatives of the foundation?

Sara: From my government salary, support from family (esp. my husband) and few donations from friends. I never received grants from anywhere.

Mabel: What were some of the challenges you faced?

Sara: My biggest challenge has been staying innovative, finding the right volunteers to work with and of course funding to do what we do on a larger scale.

Mabel:  Did you ever feel like giving up?

Sara: A big Yes

Mabel: why didn’t you?

Sara: Juggling all I do equally was stressing me up initially. Combining being a wife, a nurse, a Sunday school teacher and music director was owwwwwhhh words can’t explain. Yes I contemplated leaving or swapping jobs but thanks to my family: my husband especially who spoke to the lioness in me that he’s got my back and my prayers who constantly keep seeking Grace and strength from God for me. I haven’t stopped and I pray I keep on keeping on. I only bless God for His Grace upon my life.

Mabel: What is your way forward and what are some of your future plans for the foundation?

Sara: I will be leading a conglomerate whose main focus will be to improve healthcare and education in Africa. We will be renovating and building more schools and hospitals, signing more children unto the National Health Insurance Scheme here in Ghana and Africa at large. The sky is only my spring board. In the very near future, we should have touched more lives and extended our services to the rest of the world by the Grace of God.

Mabel: What awards have you received so far?

Sara: In December 2014 I received 3 international awards in 8 days. They are:

  • Ovation Social Entrepreneur 2014 by Ovation International
  • Distinguished Service to Humanity Award by the Sun Magazine- (Nominated by Ex-President John Agyekum Kufour)
  • African Development Recognition Award by Pleasure Magazine

 Other awards are:

  • Being named the Female Personality of the Year by African Youth Awards on 20th January, 2015.
  • Being named Outstanding Personality for National Service by Pan-African Distinguished Achievers Award for Selfless Dedication to Humanity
  • Received an honor by Africa Reconnect: a South African based Organization and Camfed Ghana; a MasterCard Foundation initiative as an Outstanding Woman causing change in Africa and Ghana respectively.
Mabel: What are you currently working on?

Sara: This July and August is our Community Love Month and we are renovating more community-based schools here in Accra and rendering free medical advice and screening for deserving families.


Mabel: What advice do you have for the youth and anyone reading this?

Sara: “In all your doings and getting never ever turn deaf ears to the community and people that need help”.

Mabel: Do you have any quotes you want to share?

Sara: “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. – John F. Kennedy

I believe you have been impacted on by her optimism, drive, passion and hard work. She started in her little corner without zero recognition and fund. Today, she has been given the due recognition her hard work and initiative has attracted. Carry out that dream of yours regardless the hindrances.

What have you learnt from her story? Do you have any questions to ask her? Sharing in the comments is a cool idea.

Mabel is a blogger, freelance writer, and a student journalist. Inside of her is a burning passion for writing. She started writing in her first year in high school where she published two stories in “The Mirror”, a Ghanaian weekly newspaper. She wrote several articles for the “Echoes of OLA” her high school yearly magazine.