Do you remember “5 Kinds of ladies men can’t do without? This post did so well and I had people asking for the other side of the story, so here we go!

Bad company they say, corrupt good morals. Most level-headed ladies want partners who will only not love them but also build meaningful lives with. These kinds of men never get to become the “kings” of their hearts.

1. The Constant Toucher.

This man wants to touch and fondle you at the least chance. To him, every ‘alone moment’ with his lady is an opportunity to caress or make love. There is no doubt that ladies love to be shown physical affection to, but too much of this raises questions in the lady’s mind. “Is this all he wants from me? “Am I only worth touching?” etc.

2. Mr. Unconcerned.

This man hardly remembers anything about his lady. All he cares about is his endeavours. He almost shows no concern towards his lady’s work, passions, health,etc. Everything is about him, and just him.

An unconcerned man is a turn-off for most ladies. A partner should be caring and make positive contributions in most areas of his lady’s life. This brings about more personal development and growth in each other’s life.That way, he becomes more valuable to his lady and the least thing on the lady’s mind is discarding him! Who doesn’t want to be lavished with care and support after all?  This brings to mind what a lady friend said to me: “If he supports my dreams, encourages me and pushes me to do more, he will always be the one!”

3. Mr. Unkempt.

An unkempt man is not on the love list of any lady. Bad breath, body odour, messy house and car, unclean appearance etc is just a no, no for ladies. A man who is orderly and well-groomed has an inviting aura which attracts his lady towards him all the time.

Unkempt men end up been micro-managed by their ladies and that becomes too much work and often brings misunderstandings.  Once an orderly man who is less work and comfortable show up in her life, off she goes!

After all, there is nothing more soothing than lying in the arms of her fresh and sweet-scented man after a hard day’s struggles.

4. His Royal Stinginess.

He never seems to give to support his lady even in any small way. He is always giving excuses of not having enough. Should a man always have enough before he thinks of helping his lady? Nothing touches a lady’s heart than receiving a sacrifice from her man.

In modern times, no lady would want to go through life with a close-fisted man. Times are becoming hard and partners should help each other in any way they can when the need arises.

You will definitely want to help, support and care for what you love and cherish.

5. Mr. No Aim.
He seems to have no goals, dreams or aspirations in life. He has nothing he lives for. He isn’t forward looking and does not have any urge to pursue his passions. A visionless man is a recipe for failure in life. No lady would want to build a future with such a man. When you have a visionless man as a partner, it doesn’t push you to want to achieve your dreams. A focused man will direct you when you seem to be losing focus.

Ladies did I hit it right? Men, what do you have to say? Let’s hear them all in the comments!

Mabel is a blogger, freelance writer, and a student journalist. Inside of her is a burning passion for writing. She started writing in her first year in high school where she published two stories in “The Mirror”, a Ghanaian weekly newspaper. She wrote several articles for the “Echoes of OLA” her high school yearly magazine.