During last year, 2016, I experienced a lot of unexpected and difficult things. It was draining, tough and wild. Thank God for my strong spirit, the word of God and the encouragement from some loved ones. Amidst the heat, I noticed that my Boss lady Sara Nana Yeboah occasionally posted a series of posts on Facebook which always started with ‘Dear Beautiful Woman’.

These ‘Dear Beautiful Woman’ post always warmed my heart after reading them. They inspired, educated, encouraged, pushed some strength in me and sometimes cautioned me. I can’t describe to you enough how much these series of posts were such a blessing to me during my period of gloom.

I also noticed that I wasn’t the only one who seemed to be enjoying these posts, other young women were been blessed by them also. Their comments on the posts testify. Why don’t I write a post to introduce this to my readers to bless the lives of others too? I thought. I had a conversation with her and she was more than willing to let me. Though these series of encouragements are directed to women, it’s absolutely beneficial to men also. So, men, you can check them out too!

Here are a few of my favourites which held back my tears, warmed my heart and strengthened me:

There many of these inspiring, and encouraging ‘Dear Beautiful Woman’ posts which I can’t post all here now. You can find her on Facebook as Sara Nana Yeboah. This is no promotion, hype or anything of that sort. She’s already a celebrated blessing. There are real struggles women go through each day and as a woman these posts have been extremely helpful and uplifting to me. This is just to share, to bless the lives of other women around the world. I hope this blesses you in several ways.

Let’s hear from you in the comments. Happy new year and month!

Mabel is a blogger, freelance writer, and a student journalist. Inside of her is a burning passion for writing. She started writing in her first year in high school where she published two stories in “The Mirror”, a Ghanaian weekly newspaper. She wrote several articles for the “Echoes of OLA” her high school yearly magazine.