If you assumed this post is going to condemn makeup, you are wrong. I really like makeup. There isn’t a doubt how makeup can enhance your face and help you look good for any occasion. Gone are the days when makeup was mostly for models, television presenters etc. Now, it is very common that you can be in your room and transform your face to look like anything you want.

Whenever I interact with ladies on the subject of makeup, they mostly say things like, “It makes me look good” “It makes me feel good”, “Once I have my makeup on I feel happy all day”. One time, during such an interaction, a young lady made a statement that got me surprised and thinking the rest of the day. “ I don’t feel confident when I don’t have makeup on,” she said. I didn’t think that was right. But it ended there.

Now, through observations, social media and interactions, it’s becoming disheartening how much young ladies of today rely on makeup for confidence. Once they don’t have makeup on for an occasion, they tend to feel ‘not good enough’, outmoded and can’t rub shoulders with those who have it on. I find this very disturbing and sad. In University, I realised that ladies who weren’t makeup users often felt left out or inferior to those who did. That should not be the case. This could go a long way to affect your esteem, image and abilities as a person.

Your confidence should come from within and not outward. It is wrong to feel down or ‘not all it’ because you don’t use makeup or have it on for an occasion. How your face look does not determine your worth! Makeup may enhance your face but it doesn’t make you valuable. Your confidence should stem from your beautiful mind and abilities.

Recently, the rate at which it’s all about slaying our faces for the gram, snapping and pictures for Facebook makes me wonder where our priorities are as a youth. Priorities are gradually shifting from developing our inward abilities to looking good outwardly. As the youth, we should rather be focused on working out personal development rather than wanting to slay our faces all the time for social media.

In the real world, it is not really how your face looks all the time that matters, it is what you can do that does.This is one reason you should be committed to developing your mind and abilities as a young person. That is what lasts and matters in the long end. It is said that the talent or abilities of a person sends him/her to the presence of Kings. Most great men and women in the world are where they are because they committed and spent time to develop themselves to be positioned for greatness once the opportunity came.

What are your abilities? Have you taken the time to identify them and work on how to develop and sharpen them? You should have personal goals (weekly, monthly, yearly) that you should invest your time and resources to work towards achieving them. Today, you are reading this article from this blog because I committed myself to identifying and developing my writing skills.

I believe that as young women and men, we should strive to be better people each day. Better at our abilities, our responsibilities and goals. The clock ticks each minute and does not wait for anyone. Every minute counts! Time is one of the most precious assets we have and how we use it should matter.
We wouldn’t be young forever, what are we doing each day to make us valuable and position us for better opportunities for the future?

Feel free to share your thoughts on this with me in the comments.

Mabel is a blogger, freelance writer, and a student journalist. Inside of her is a burning passion for writing. She started writing in her first year in high school where she published two stories in “The Mirror”, a Ghanaian weekly newspaper. She wrote several articles for the “Echoes of OLA” her high school yearly magazine.